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Planning to attend a Memorial Day BBQ here in Pierce County and want to bring your pup along? Here are some tips on how to keep your dog safe so you can both enjoy the day.

  1. Keep your pet on a leash and use a tag. Ensure that your pet is safe while you are out in the park here in Pierce County or even in a friend’s backyard. A lot of people can be overwhelming or distracting. A leash ensures your pet stays near you and stays safe.
  2. Stay in the shade and keep hydrated. Memorial Day in Pierce County can be hot. Seek out a shady spot for your pet to rest and play. Keep plenty of water on hand for yourself and your pup.
  3. Avoid sprays, sunscreen and repellent. Unless the spray you are using is specific for dogs, it most likely is not safe to use on your pet.
  4. Be aware of dangerous food. Your dog may be tempted by all of the hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill but keep an eye on your pet while food is around. Be sure that any food you share with your pet is safe and healthy, or bring dog food along to be sure your pet is safe.
  5. Keep fireworks in mind. Many Memorial Day parties or parades here in Pierce County can end with fireworks. If your dog is particularly skittish, consider bringing them home (and staying with them) during the fireworks.
  6. Check in with your vet. If your vet will not be open on Memorial Day, find a local pet hospital here in Pierce County that will be open just in case of emergency.