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Spring is starting to arrive here in Pierce County, Washington. As the weather and activities change, be sure to keep your dog or cat safe while you’re out and about in Pierce County.

  1. Spring Cleaning. If you plan on doing a deep clean of your home, keep your pet away. Your pet may be interested in what you are doing, but cleaners are unsafe for your pet. Consider keeping your pet inside while you work on the yard if you feel you cannot keep a consistent eye on your pet.
  2. Allergies. Allergies can be rough here in Pierce County, Washington for both humans and pets. If you notice your pet is itching more, give your vet a call to see if you can relieve your pet of their itching. Give us a call here at Aussie Pet Mobile Pierce County to get your pet groomed. Our 15 step spa process will help your pet’s skin feel refreshed.
  3. Weather. The weather can change any minute here in Pierce County, Washington during the springtime. Be sure to keep your pet indoors if there is a chance of lightning. If your pet gets wet from playing outdoors, wipe down their fur and paws to prevent dry skin.
  4. Pesky critters. Blooming spring means more critters. Be aware of ticks if you decide to take your pet hiking. Check in with your pet’s vet to make sure all flea and tick medication is up to date.
  5. Out and about. Warmer weather means more time outside. Make sure your pet is microchipped and that your pet’s tag is up to date with your correct information.